What do YOU aspire to? Tell us about the people who are making a difference in your life, your community.

What do you Aspire to do?

We all have our aspirations, our dreams and goals. But sometimes, a lot of us have a hard time talking about ourselves, the things we’re doing that are making a difference. But, most of us love to share what a friend, family member or member of our community is doing. This is the space for that.

We all know someone who inspires us. We all know someone who is making a difference in our lives and our community. We all know someone who goes the extra mile for those around them. Maybe it’s a teacher, the person down the street who is always lending a helping hand or that person at work who volunteers at the soup kitchen. It doesn’t have to be something big, small things done by everyday people add up to make big differences.

Here at Aspire, we’d like to know about those people, the people who make a difference in your life, in your community. We’d like to shine a light on their good works and help to inspire others to aspire to follow their example.

So if you know someone, use the contact page to drop us a line, or a video and let us know about them or you.

It’s not a contest, and there is nothing to win except feeling better for sharing what someone special is doing.