What do YOU Aspire to? A committed teacher, a great group of kids and a wonderful cause. Meet K.I.D.D.O.S.

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What do YOU Aspire to?

For Sue DeVermain Vani, a 25 year teacher at Laura B. Sprague Elementary School in Lincolnshire, Illinois, it’s about creating a more giving and caring community. To that end she founded K.I.D.D.O.S. (Kids In Deerfield Doing Outstanding Service) back in 2005 with this mission statement; “To instill philanthropic habits in children from an early age and to provide a vehicle through which children can help their community.”

Now that sounds to us like an awesome goal and something truly worth aspiring to. Getting children involved early on in philanthropy, in helping those less fortunate, those in need, through their own direct actions and abilities is a powerful and potentially world changing idea.

And that’s what Ms. DeVermain Vani and her kids have been doing for the last 10 years. K.I.D.D.O.S. has raised money for several good causes from helping various families and individuals in need with everyday household items, helping offset medical costs for children battling cancer to purchasing a special needs bicycle and supporting a special needs theatre group.

Photos from KIDDOS, Kids In Deerfield Doing Outstanding Service Spring Fundraiser event. Aspire salutes Sue DeVermain Vani and all those who support this wonderful program.

Their latest effort was a Spring Benefit talent show that brought out over 200 people on March 21st to the First Presbyterian Church of Deerfield. Featuring a wide selection of young talent, the participants served up singing, dancing, and artistry of all types. Money was raised through raffles and a silent auction.

“KIDDOS is a pretty unique organization because it provides young children an opportunity to give back to their community and there often aren’t a lot of opportunities for younger children to do that,” said Ms. DeVermain Vani.

This year’s event was in support of the Rainbow Hospice Good Mourning Program, a support group program for children facing life changing loss. We here at Aspire were more than happy to offer up some of the goodness to be raffled off and to refresh the crowd. Our hat is off to Sue DeVermain Vani and all the people and kids who continue making a difference for others through this great program.

To learn more about KIDDOS, visit their website: www.deerfieldkiddos.org

To read a Chicago Tribune article on this year’s event, click here.

Know someone who is doing something great?

We all know someone who inspires us. We all know someone who is making a difference in our lives and our community. We all know someone who goes the extra mile for those around them. Maybe it’s a teacher, the person down the street who is always lending a helping hand or that person at work who volunteers at the soup kitchen. It doesn’t have to be something big, small things done by everyday people can add up to make big differences.

Here at Aspire, we’d like to know about those people, the people who make a difference in your life, in your community. We’d like to shine a light on their good works and help to inspire others to aspire to follow their example.

So if you know someone, drop us an email, or a video and let us know about them or you.

It’s not a contest, although we may send something your way, and there is nothing to win except feeling better for sharing what someone special is doing.


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