The Aspire Challenge is a two-week jump start to reaching your health and fitness goals. Drinking 2 cans of Aspire, the calorie burning drink, a day for two weeks is all you really need to do. Adding in a healthy diet and some exercise and you'll be off to a great start losing those unwanted pounds.

So what’s The Aspire Challenge?

Simply put, it’s a great way to use the calorie burning and vitalizing energy of Aspire to jump start your health and fitness goals.

It’s Easy. It’s Simple. 

1.) Simply drink 2 cans of Aspire a day for 2 weeks.

2.) Weigh yourself before before you start, one week in and when the challenge is complete.

3.) Share YOUR Success Story. Tell us what you experienced using the contact form below.
If you upload a pic of yourself holding a can of Aspire we may just use it in a video or ad.

We recommend you drink Aspire in the morning, to accompany a healthy lunch, while on the go or before exercise.

Remember: Aspire is best served chilled.

One of many real life success stories from the Aspire challenge:

Ok so I was a little dubious about a drink that can make you shed pounds without exercise or change to a diet. Here’s the deal I had 2 cans of Aspire a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon for 2 weeks. After week one 1 had lost 1 kilo (2.2 pounds) and as I write this at the end of week 2 I lost a further kilo (2.2 pounds). So I can say I am absolutely thrilled with the results… try for yourself. I am now a huge fan and have to have my Aspire everyday.”  Krystal Niles


Real people, real results with the Aspire Challenge. Healthy Vitality for Mind & Body. Aspire, the calorie burning drink that provides good for you ingredients and is infused with vitamins and nutrients, also delivers no calories, no sugars and no carbs. The perfect compliment to any healthy fit lifestyle. The energy to do the things you love and the help you need to lose unwanted body fat and pounds. Take the Aspire Challenge today and jump start your health and weight loss goals.


So what you waiting for? Join the many others who are taking up the challenge today!

Here’s two people who take the Challenge everyday… Aspire Co-Founder, Darren Linnell and his lovely fiancé, Daniella. Darren and Daniella invite you to join them and take the Aspire Challenge today!

Aspire Co-Founder, Darren Linnel and his lovely fiancé Daniella invite you to take the Aspire Challenge. Simply drink two cans of calorie burning Aspire a day for two weeks and see what a difference Aspire can make for you. Healthy Vitality for Mind & Body™

And while Aspire, on it’s own, will help, for best results, combine it with a proper healthy diet and exercise as part of an active lifestyle.


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