Here’s someone who is really inspired to Aspire! Meet Kim, one of our Sr. Brand Specialists. She’s taken The Aspire Challenge and she’s loving it.


When she’s not running her own successful photography and antique refinishing businesses, Kim is busy in her role as a Sr. Brand Specialist for Aspire. So what does a Sr. Brand Specialist do? Well, in Kim’s case, that’s being out at festivals, street fairs, events, and lots of in-store samplings. So, if you were one of the over 500,000 people we sampled last summer here in Chicago, there’s a pretty good chance you met Kim.

Now, what makes Kim worthy of being talked about in a blog post? Well, besides the facts that she’s a fun, high energy, super-positive person and a blast to be around, Kim has lost 16 pounds over the last 4 months by just adding drinking 2 cans of Aspire a day to her routine. That’s the difference the healthy vitality and calorie burning goodness could help make in your life, too.

Kim Louise, Aspire Challenge taker and Sr. Brand Specialist for Aspire, the calorie burning drink, on the job sampling.

Now here’s the the thing, while Kim didn’t really change anything at first, she’s found that over these last four months, she’s become more energetic and certainly more exited as she’s lost weight. It’s really a lifestyle change that occurs when you make Aspire part of your everyday routine. Because of all those B vitamins, Green Tea, vitamin C and other good-for-you ingredients, you feel better. You have more energy because of those ingredients and the natural caffeine that comes from the Green Tea and the Guarana Seed Extract. You may, like Kim and many others, feel mentally sharper and more focused from the B-vitamins. And so, you create a circle, a loop of success. You feel better, with more energy, so you tend to be more positive and you will do more, perhaps getting started on a regular workout or walking regimen. You may lose a few pounds, and that makes you want to lose more. You become more active and the success feeds itself.

Aspire can certainly help in losing weight, as it’s ingredients help to gently raise the body’s metabolism through thermogenics, and thus increase calorie burning. And in and of itself, that’s awesome. But why Kim and all of us here at Aspire are so passionate about the product, is that it really does help people make healthy lifestyle changes and choices. You’ll feel better, more energized and focused when you drink a couple of cans of Aspire each day. And when we have more energy, we tend to do more, get more of what we want accomplished in our lives. And if we lose a couple of unwanted pounds along the way, well that’s certainly a bonus.

So yes, we encourage you to take The Aspire Challenge. Try two cans a day for two weeks and feel the difference the healthy vitality and no calories, no sugars and no carbs goodness of drinking Aspire can make for you. And by all means, share your success with us by hitting the contact form and dropping us an email or posting to our page on Facebook.


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