Great Cause, Great Night: No Calories, No Sugars and No Carbs at the 23rd Annual Green Tie Ball

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Aspire was proud to be part of the 23rd Annual Green Tie Ball, an amazing charity event to benefit Chicago Gateway Green. If you’ve ever wondered why Chicago looks so green and so beautiful, this organization is a big part of the answer. They’ve planted tens of thousands of trees, shrubs and perennials in the city along with maintaining nearly 150 acres of roadside green space along our major transportation corridors.

The Green Tie Ball draws a great crowd of Chicagoans who believe in making more green space in the city and keeping it the beautiful jewel it is. This year’s event was an absolute blast. Calorie burning Aspire was quite the hit on it’s own and was also being enjoyed as a mixer with Toto’s Handmade Vodka at all of the 8 bars serving the event. Lots of people stopped by to have their pics taken and to grab a can of healthy vitality for mind and body.

For more information on this wonderful organization, visit gateway

Here’s just some of the people who stopped by our tent…

Calorie Burning Aspire at the 23rd Annual Green Tie Ball in Chicago to benefit Gateway Green. Lots of great people came by to enjoy a naturally refreshing Aspire (and in some cases, mix it with Tito's Handmade Vodka) and have their pictures taken.



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