Get the goodness, indeed! Somebody won healthy energy and calorie burning Aspire FREE for a whole year!

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Everyone at Aspire is happy to announce the first of four winners for this year’s “Win FREE Aspire for a Year” contest. A big congratulations and a whole lot of Aspire goes out to Ms. Loren Harn of Steger, Illinois. And how did Loren manage to score this awesome stash of year round calorie burning goodness? She was one of the nearly one thousand people who signed up for our newsletter. Yep, it’s that easy to have a chance to win the healthy energy and vitality of Aspire FREE for an entire year. If you’ve already signed up, don’t worry, you’ll have 3 more chances this year to win.

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Loren Harn of Steger, Illinois. Loren is our year's first winner of the healthy energy and calorie burning goodness of Aspire in our Win FREE Aspire for a year contest.

Needless to say, Loren was thrilled when she found at she won as she is an avid Aspire drinker. In her words, “I love the taste and I love the way it makes me feel. I don’t get jittery and I feel very focused after I drink it. And yeah, it helps get me through a long day at the studio.”

Because she lives in Illinois, (Aspire’s US offices are based in Chicago) we had a chance to hand deliver her first case to her at her business, Room To Move Dance and Fitness Co-Op. Loren has been in business several years and Room To Move has expanded and grown to become the premier facility in the far southern suburbs. Loren and her various instructors offer loads of different classes including ballet,belly dance, yoga, zumba, ballroom, dance fusion and even a weekly drum circle.

Along with Room To Move, Loren runs Dressed To Groove, a dance wear and fitness wear store located next door to the large studio space. The co-op studio features some of the area’s best instructors and puts on a yearly showcase of the student’s talents called “Time To Groove”. This year’s showcase will be Saturday, June 6th. Tickets and information can be found on the website link below the pics.

The studio space at Room To Move in Steger, Illinois. Owner Loren Harn was our first winner of FREE Aspire, the calorie burning drink, for a year. The store, Dressed To Groove, in Steger, Illinois. Owner Loren Harn was our first winner of FREE Aspire, the calorie burning drink, for a year.

Here’s the link: Room To Move

And the address & contact info: Room To Move • 3725 Chicago Road • Steger, IL • 60475 • (708) 277-6777
Email: • Check them out on Facebook



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