Does it really work? Does Aspire really burn calories and help you lose weight? Listen to this customer we met at a Jewel store while sampling.

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Nothing makes us happier than our customer’s success stories. And this one came from a man one of Aspire team samplers met while handing out The Goodness of calorie burning Aspire at a local Chicagoland Jewel store last weekend. He states that he found out about the calorie burning effects of Aspire kind of by accident. He loved the taste and discovered that he was feeling lighter and that he’d lost a few pounds. Since adding the healthy vitality and no calories, no sugars and no carbs taste of Aspire had been the only change he’d made, he kept on drinking it.

Take The Aspire Challenge this new year and see what a difference it can make for you. Chances are you’ll feel, see and be the difference, because Aspire does more than just burn calories. The natural caffeine from high quality Green Tea and Guarana Seed Extract along with L-carnitine, Ginger Root Extract and all those B-Vitamins (B6, B12,B3,B5,B7), contribute to increased and sustained energy (without that jittery feeling) and more focus and clarity. And when you have the energy and the focus, well, you tend to get more of the things you want to do done. So by all means, take The Aspire Challenge and be sure to let us know by dropping us a line or telling us on Facebook or Twitter. We’d love to be part of your healthy lifestyle goals in 2015! For more information on The Aspire Challenge, click here…


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  1. Princess Greene |

    So I tried a sample of Apsire at my Jewel foods this past Saturday and decided to by a 2 4pks since it was on sale. I am so happy I did. Just had my first full can this morning around 8:00 after breakfast. It is now 12:30 and I am not starving, not jittery and more clear headed than I was this morning………Yep, I will be purchasing more. This is a little over my price point so I don’t know if I can do the challenge, but it’s good to know that when I need it it will work. Thanks for this product.

    • admin |

      Glad you like it! And yes, those B-vitamins and other ingredients do contribute to more mental focus. Watch for sales at the Jewel stores! And if you haven’t, sign up for the newsletter. Not only do you get a chance to win FREE Aspire for a year, but we’ll be sending out coupons from time to time, too.

  2. Jason |

    I decided to try Aspire Cranberry drink from Jewel-Osco to try to loose weight. What is amazing is that it cleared my brain fog, and my thought process is clear. This happened within 30-40 minutes after finishing the can. I can focus alot more and do my work with ease. As a medical professional, I’m guessing the L-Carnatine (using the Carnatine shuttle) and green tea extract (with EGCG) with the combination of the B-vitamins is taking the energy from the fats and feeding it to the brain cells, increasing the neuron metabolism and burning the calories.

    Whatever this drink is doing, it’s making me feel great and allowing me to do work efficiently. I’m planning to try the Aspire challenge and see how good this works for reducing my fat around my waist.


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