Does it really work? Another inspired Aspire drinker talks about burning calories and losing weight!

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Here at Aspire we love hearing about how Aspire has helped our customers. Whether it’s losing weight, feeling more focus and energy or helping with managing their diabetes, (Aspire is sweetened with a small amount of sucralose making it safe four those watching their blood sugar levels) it really makes us feel great when you share your successes and stories with us.

At a recent trade show for Parent Petroleum there were several Pride Store (these are the people who run the convenience stores inside BP, Mobil, Shell and other gas stations) owners and operators stopping by to visit our booth. One of these fine folks was Romero and he wanted to tell us the difference drinking just one can of Aspire made for him and his desire to lose some unwanted pounds.

We’ll let Romero speak for himself. Click on the link to see the video.



For those of you looking to jump start your weight loss goals or really, any other healthy lifestyle change, consider taking the Aspire Challenge. What is the Challenge? Simply drink two cans of Aspire a day for two weeks and notice the difference you feel and see. That’s all you have to do. Of course, we know that you’ll not only most likely lose a couple of pounds, but you’ll feel a lot more energy and vitality. And that increase will have you doing more and creating a snowball effect of healthy. Try it and see what we mean.


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