Another great day of sampling the goodness! Calorie burning Aspire at County Fair Foods.

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Saturday, November 1st was another great day of sampling the healthy vitality of calorie burning Aspire out in the stores. This time we had an Aspire Sampling Team at County Fair Foods, a family-owned and operated business on Chicago’s southwest side. County Fair Foods is an amazing grocery store that covers an entire city block and has been in business for 75 years. Besides an incredible selection of fresh foods, County Fair Foods is very involved in their community, helping to support and sponsor various causes, groups and events. Aspire was proud to be able to sample their customers and give them their first taste of the deliciously refreshing, no calories, no sugars and no carbs goodness of Aspire.

And it was a great time! Over the course of the day, we sampled hundreds of customers and helped sell over 10 and a half cases of Aspire. Customers consistently expressed how good the Aspire drink tasted and were impressed with the amount of vitamins and good-for-you ingredients like green tea, choline, biotin, l-carnitine and ginger root extract. All in all, a win-win-win for Aspire, County Fair Foods and their customers.

Our special thanks to all the staff at County Fair for making the experience such a great success.

Aspire, the calorie burning drink brought it's deliciously refreshing taste and healthy vitality to County Fair Foods for a sampling event. Customers loved the no calories, no sugars and no carbs taste of Aspire.



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