Darren Linnel and Neil Blewitt, the founders and creators of Aspire, the calorie burning drink shown with the very first production run of Aspire in England. The beginnings of healthy vitality for mind & body™.

The NEW British Invasion.

Today, Aspire is available here in the U.S.A. and several other countries around the world. But, it wasn’t long ago that it was just an idea in the heads of a couple of ambitious, hard working young guys from London. This is story behind their dream…

During a routine gym session in 2008, lifelong friends Darren Linnell and Neil Blewitt, began debating alternative ways to burn calories. They agreed that a product that would fit seamlessly into their daily routine would undoubtedly be attractive to other health conscious individuals and those looking to maintain or lose weight, but agreed that other than pills, powder or supplements, nothing was available. Following many hours of discussion they came up with an idea; to create a calorie burning soft drink.

Within weeks, Aspire was a trading company and research was underway. Product development and testing took the Aspire team to leading nutritionists, fitness experts and drinks manufactures in the UK and across the world. Inspired by the response, Darren and Neil left their careers to work full-time on Aspire.

During 2009, in partnership with a renowned food and drinks institute and a major drinks manufacture in Austria, the first batch was created. The cranberry flavour, the mix of minerals and vitamins and the carbonation were tweaked, twisted and fine-tuned before the test product was finally ready to prove. Given the long-track record in the industry, Aspire and its calorie burning effects were rigorously put through their paces by Dr John O’Hara from the Carnegie Complex of Leeds Metropolitan University.

Aspire creators and founders, Darren Linnel and Neil Blewitt hobnobbing and hanging out with a bevy of stylish beauties through the years including Miss Ireland 2011, Model Penny and a former Miss Ireland. Ahhhh... the life of a dashing young entrepreneur.

Just a year later, the Food & Drinks Expo in Birmingham saw Aspire brought to the public for the first time, being greeted with incredible support and huge intrigue from press, trade and consumers. Since the exhibition stand in Birmingham and the first idea in 2008, Darren, Neil and Aspire haven’t looked back. The drink is now established as a customer favourite in leading health store Holland & Barrett, Selfridges and Waitrose and customers are refreshed and burning calories across the world, from Russia to Dubai.

It’s this journey that has made Aspire one of the most exciting newcomers to the fitness sector today. And it’s this experience – watching a dream turn into reality – that will keep the whole Aspire team striving for even more…

From London, with love comes Aspire the calorie burning drink was founded and created in England by two young Englishmen - Darren Linnel and Neil Blewitt. Combining good-for-you ingredients and calorie burning power, Aspire is the New British Invasion. We really love bulldogs by the way.