Aspire is a calorie burning drink with no calories, no sugars and no carbs. It is light and deliciously refreshing with a vitamin and nutrient-rich formula and 80mgs of natural caffeine derived from green tea and guarana seed extract. Aspire stimulates the metabolism, burning calories and giving you the energy to do the things you love.

Questions, questions, you’ve got questions… Here’s the skinny on The Goodness.

What’s in Aspire?

A blend of premium green tea (high in ECGC), natural fruit flavors, vitamins and other nutrients. Active ingredients include green tea, guarana seed extract, taurine, L-carnitine, choline and ginger root. The vitamins include C, B6, B12, Niacin (B3), Pantothenic Acid (B5) and Biotin (B7).

Does Aspire have caffeine?

Yes. 80mg of natural caffeine per 12oz (1 can), derived from high quality green tea and guarana seed extract. Guarana is a plant that grows in Brazil and Venezuela. The seed produces a slow releasing natural caffeine.

Is Aspire all natural?

Yes,  with the exception of a very small amount of Sucralose (1/100th of a gram), the sweetener found in Splenda, used for sweetening. Sucralose is the only artificial sweetener derived from real sugar.

How does Aspire burn calories?

Aspire’s sources a special blend of high quality ingredients that work in combination to give Aspire its calorie burning attributes. Premium Green Tea (high in ECGC), Guarana seed extract, L-Carnitine, Ginger, and Biotin all have been proven in independent clinical studies to stimulate the body’s metabolism through thermogenics. This increases the body’s ability to more efficiently burn calories and in combination with a sensible diet and exercise gives Aspire consumers the ability to better achieve their weight management goals. Aspire does not raise either heart rate or blood pressure.

What’s the sweetener Aspire uses?

Along with natural fruit flavors, Aspire uses a very small amount (1/100th of a gram) of the same sweetener as found in Splenda – sucralose. We use it because sucralose does not effect blood sugar levels, thus making it safe for diabetics. In fact, results from over 100 clinical studies in the FDA approval process unanimously indicated a lack of risk associated with sucralose intake.

Does Aspire come in other flavors?

YES! Aspire has just added a second flavor, Apple + Acai.

Does Aspire have sodium?

Yes. 55mg. Aspire qualifies as a low-sodium beverage.

Does Aspire really work?

Yes! Aspire is tested and proven, we have hundreds of case studies and testimonials to back this up!

If in doubt, why not take the Aspire challenge today?

When should I drink Aspire?

As a healthy alternative to the morning cup and lunch break soda, Aspire can be enjoyed in the morning to kick start your metabolism, to accompany a healthy lunch, while on the go, in the office or before, during or after any form of exercise.

It can be drank at any time of the day, so no matter which way you choose to enjoy your can you can be guaranteed you will always be benefiting.

What’s the best way to enjoy Aspire?

Best served chilled, Aspire tastes great on its own or as part of a healthy smoothy.

Are there any side effects to drinking Aspire?

No, Aspire does not cause any adverse effects. Tests prove that Aspire does not increase your heart rate or have an adverse effect on your blood pressure. Because it does contain 80mg (same as an average cup of coffee) of caffeine we don’t recommend it to those sensitive to caffeine.

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